Central Texas Realtor With An Organic Lifestyle.
Solar Home
I am a Central Texas REALTOR® and I love to help people buy, sell or build homes, land, ranches, etc. I specialize in properties to live the ORGANIC lifestyle. I have a long term experience with greenbuilt homes and concepts. As a child, I always loved nature. I loved being close to nature as I rode horses, swam and fished in our ranch ponds as well as identified, ate and used native trees and plants at our 1,000 acre ranch in the Sand Hills near Seguin, Texas. I studied “Stalking the Wild Asparagus” by Euell Gibbons in the 1970’s for more information. Very interested in ecology in the 1970’s and reading Mother Earth News I longed for the simple, efficient life then and still do. I did my first Energy Audit with blower door test on a home we owned in 1983. My late husband and I had a custom log home designed by the President of the Coastal Bend Solar Energy Society, architect Dietrich Braun. It was Passive Solar with transom windows at the higher interior elevation areas to let heat out serving as a thermal chimney. We built our own solar collectors for a solar hot water system in 1981. I’ve lived on a farm and was producing home grown meat, eggs and goat milk. I have also trained horses and ponies to both drive and ride.

Currently, I am retrofitting my home and yard. That includes growing organic vegetables, fruit and herbs in my front yard as well as back. My yard is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. I drive a very fuel efficient Prius Hybrid in my Real Estate practice. I have sold very green homes in the Austin area. One I sold was a Peter Pfeiffer (Barley and Pfeiffer) home, very greenbuilt in both design and construction. Built of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction the home was very efficient and used rainwater collection as its only source of water.