Bringing Wildlife Back Home

 A lot of Real Estate development is going on in and around the entire Austin Metro area of Texas. Land is being scraped “clean” of every living thing, making it totally devoid of any plants or animal life at an alarming rate. Go to a native field of grasses and plants and just LISTEN. You […] Continue reading →

Greening the Real Estate Development Process

 I learned about Green Development during my years volunteering on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Leander, Texas. As a commissioner, I could attend the state planning conferences which had very qualified national speakers. This is where I first heard Randall Arendt, a Sustainable Site conservation development design expert and consultant, speak. Mr. […] Continue reading →

2018 Hill Country Rainwater Revival

 It’s Free. It’s Fun. It’s for Families and Friends. It’s the 2018 Hill Country Rainwater Revival! Come join us for the annual Hill Country Rainwater Revival from 10am – 5pm on Saturday, October 20, 2018. What You’ll Find, other than NATiVE at the 2018 Hill Country Rainwater Revival.More than 100 other vendors, exhibitors and experts […] Continue reading →

EcoTourism in Central Texas and Beyond

 Ecotourism is a booming industry in Texas. During this hot time of the year, it’s challenging to stay cool while outdoors. Many Central Texas go swimming and more. Living in the Austin Texas area, I carry on the tradition of heading to the coast for vacations. My grandparents, Oscar and Betty Sandstrom went to Rockport Texas […] Continue reading →

Texas Veteran Home Loans

 In 1983, the Texas Legislature created the Veterans Land Board to administer the Veterans Housing Assistance Program also known as the VHAP, to assist Texas Veterans in purchasing a home. Eligible Texas Veterans are able to buy a home with a competitive, low-interest loan with little or no down-payment. Veterans, military members, and their spouses may receive up […] Continue reading →

Tesla Solar Roof for Sale Now

 Tesla Inc. is now accepting orders for its highly anticipated and aesthetically pleasing solar powered, electricity-generating roofs. The roofs are a mix of generating and non-generating solar tiles to maximize the cost efficiency each roof but both tiles look the same. The tiles are made to create an optical illusion. From street level, they appear […] Continue reading →